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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

There Is a God (like I ever doubted)

DGA noms came out today, and Clint Eastwood's name isn't on it. A bit of a surprise, but not entirely unexpected. Don't get me wrong. I live Eastwood, but doing two movies in one year was a bit much (plus they were war movies). I mentioned in an earlier blog that Eastwood might get a nom because of who he is. But the DGA proved me wrong. But that doesn't mean he won't get an Oscar nom. We'll know at the end of the month.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Golden Globes

Well, a couple of surprises. Both Clint Eastwood and Leonardo diCaprio double-dip in two categories (Best Director and Best Actor). I kinda knew that would happen with Leo, but not with Clint. Granted, he's an amazing director, but "Flags of Our Father" was not that great. I predicted it would get the nod because it's Clint. But the "Leo Factor" makes sense. Both roles were powerful. But that works against him. He will cancel himself out and the win will go to Forest Whittaker for "The Last King of Scotland".

The big surprise: Beyonce Knowles for Best Actress in a Comedy or Muscial. There is a lot of drama behind this. Paramount/Dreamworks originally were not going to put Beyonce up for anything. They were hot on Jennifer Hudson. Beyonce's people flipped out (even her father Matt was upset with the outcome of the movie, EVEN THOUGH the flick's mainly about Hudson's character Effie). To appease her, the studio touted her for the Best Actress category and relegated Hudson to Best Supporting Actress (where she has a better chance anyway because Helen Mirren is going to win!). So now everyone's happy. Beyonce gets a Golden Globe nod (which she won't win. That will go to Meryl Streep), Hudson still gets the accolades she deserves, and the studios dodge a bullet. It may be a different story come Oscars because there's just one category for Best Actress (The Globes split the categories into Drama and Comedy/Musical). Again, Helen Mirren will win. She was perfect in "The Queen".

I'm glad the Globes recognized Maggie Gyllenhaal (sp) for "Sherrybaby". She was incredible in that. I hope this prompts the film's distributors to re-release it so that more people can see why she deserved the nod.

One more surprise: no love for "The Curse of the Golden Flower". This is bad. The flick blew me away! Visually stunning, the costumes were electric, the storyline was intense -- I don't understand how the Globes overlooked it. The weird thing is two American films ("Letters from Iwo Jima" and "Apocalypto") were nominated in this category. Strange. The Globes are really fucked up this year, so there's not telling what's gonna happen.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Oscar Race

It's Friday, December 1st, and I've pretty much have seen all the possible Oscar contenders. Let me tell ya, this is gonna be a tough year because there are a LOT of great movies. The problem is there isn't a dominant movie to make the nominations easier. I thought "The Departed" took care of that, but now I'm not so sure. But, here's what I think so far:

- Eddie Murphy (Dreamgirls): I don't understand why he's being considered for this one. He wasn't Oscar-worthy. He did a nice job, but he didn't wow me. This sounds like campaigners and publicists trying to put him on the comeback trail (which he'll need because his next film "Norbit" looks awful).

- Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine): Loved this movie and loved Arkin in this role as Grandpa (Thanks, Fox Searchlight for the screener!!!). I think he'll get a nod only because the movie as a whole was so good.

- Jack Nicholson (The Departed): What is there to say: he's the man. Anyone who can say, "No tickee, no laundry!" with such gusto and bravado is the man to beat. However, as awesome as Nicholson was, he's got a little competition in this category:

- Jacke Earl Haley (Little Children): What a great story here: started out as a child actor in "The Bad News Bears" and a few other pics. Then the phone stopped ringing. He leaves LA, starts a business in San Antonio, Texas and isn't heard from for 15 years. Then Sean Penn suggests him for a role in "All the King's Men" (he was Willie Stark's bodyguard). Then he gets this role in "Little Children" and he's fuckin' amazing in it! Great comeback story followed by a great performance. That's the kind of stuff Hollywood loves. Haley will get the nom and the win.

There is only one person I can think of in this category to win: Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls). Amazing, amazing, amazing. Blew me away. I will see this flick again because she's that damn incredible. I won't even list the other possibilities because 1) none come to mind right away and 2) Hudson will win it.
Wait, hold on...
- Cate Blanchett (The Good German): She will give Hudson a run for her money. The only reason she won't get the win is because the movie is terrible.

-Leonardo di Caprio (The Departed/Blood Diamond): This is gonna be a tough one. Leo was fucking incredible in both. I will side more with "The Departed" because that's one of my favorite movies this year. Warner Brothers was thinking about putting Leo up for best supporting actor for ""Departed" and best actor for "Blood Diamond", but I say fuck it, put him up for best actor for both and let the Academy decide. This is his year in terms of buzzz... just like it was for George Clooney last year.

- Will Smith (The Pursuit of Happyness): I had a hard time watching this movie because I have a fear of being homeless (which is why I work so hard trying to make it in this business!). But Smith pulled it off here nicely. He and his son had that chemistry that hooked me. He deserves a nomination for this, but...

- Forest Whittaker (The Last King of Scotland): Powerful. Phenominal. He will win hands down. Unless...

- Peter O'Toole (Venus): They give it to Peter. I haven't seen this movie, so I can't say whetther he will get it. I will see it later this month and possibly change my mind. But for right now, I'm going with Whittaker.

BEST ACTRESS (by the far the most competitive category)

- Annette Benning (Running with Scissors): A lot of my friends didn't like this movie, but I did. Loved Annette's performance. She was totally believeable.

- Cate Blanchett (Notes on a Scandal): Powerful performance. I think she's the best actress working today.

- Judi Dench (Notes on a Scandal): Amazing actress, but she's been nominated too many times. I don't think she'll get this one.

- Kate Winslet (Little Children): I liked her performance. Didn't love it.

- Helen Mirren (The Queen): She will get it. She played the hell out of QEII. She gets my vote.

There are three I will mention here: "Volver", "Pan's Labryinth" and "Curse of the Golden Flower". All three are excellent films by some talented people. The winner will be "Curse". Visually stunning. Gong Li was phenominal. So was Chow Yun Fat. This was a tough category too because I haven't seen "Avenue Montaigne" or "The Lives of Others" yet, but I don't think those two will change my mind that much. Got invited to go see Turkey's entry "Ice Cream I Scream". Don't think that will cut it.

- Clint Eastwood (Flags of Our Father): Only because it's Clint. I liked the movie and with his track record, he'll get a nom. But I don't think he'll win it this time.

- Stephen Frears (The Queen): Well-deserved. Classic by any standard. Will definitely get a BAFTA, but not an Oscar.

- Oliver Stone (World Trade Center): Paramount is pushing this one hard (again, thanks for the screener and the script!!!). But this is a tough category, and I don't think this movie made a lasting enough impact to take this category.

- Martin Scorsese (The Departed): This is my hope. Marty deserves it. Absolutely amazing picture.

- Bill Condon (Dreamgirls): This may pull the upset. "Departed" was my favorite movie this year until I saw "Dreamgirls". Stunning. Flawless. His attention to details was astounding. I think he'll get it. Sorry, Marty.

- Flags of Our Father: only because it's Clint.

- The Departed: you know how I feel.

- Blood Diamond: either this one or World Trade Center. Can't decide betweeen the two, but Blood Diamond might get the edge because it's coming out now.

- The Queen: It will be between this and

- Dreamgirls: I think "Dreamgirls" will win.

Like I said, this is a tough year. So many good flicks. If I see anything else amazing by the end of the year, I'll probably change all this.

Lemme know what you think.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Hollywoodland" and "Black Dahlia" Sucked!

These were two movies I wanted to see badly.... and they both sucked. Saw "Hollywoodland" a few weeks ago and wanted to walk out. Saw "Black Dahlia" last night and walked out after an hour.

What is going on in Hollywood? All these film noirs are crap! Get into the crime, not the people investigating the crime. I don't care about Josh Harnett's character. I care about the case and what they turned up. If you can't get me there by the first hour, then you've failed. A terrible movie, which is a shame because I'm a big de Palma fan. I may have to blame the screenwriter, Josh Friedman, for this one. I know most Hollywood screenplays are done by committee, and I admit I don't know the back story, but Josh should've fought to get into the crime rather than the characters (and Scarlett Johanssen really shows how limited her range is. I mean, she's 21. She's not ready for those meaty roles just yet. I think she will be in time, tho. But I digress). Same deal with Adrian Brody's character in "Hollywoodland". Don't care about how bad your life is if it has nothing to do with the investigation of George Reeve's death (and Ben Affleck did not impress me. He had the look, but his voice and mannerisms did not make me believe he was Reeve.) In my opinion, no matter how many stars you have in a flick, if you don't have a story, you don't have a movie. It's a shame these two flicks failed the way they did. The subject matter in each was so rich.

Hollywood needs to stop hiring actors based on looks and use the ones with the chops to pull it off. I'm speaking about Affleck and Johanssen. Beautiful people, but they weren't right for the part.

Go see "All the Kings Men". It got trashed in Toronto, but I loved it. Sean Penn is wonderful (although he does go overboard sometimes during the Willie Stark speeches). Jude Law was good, Anthony Hopkins and Kate Winslet can do no wrong in my book. However, James Gandofini was miscast in this one. He's not a Southerner and I can't see him playing one. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Jude, Kate and Anthony aren't Southern either, but they have range. I think James suffers from the "Soprano Syndrome" where everything he does from hereonin will be compared to that classic character. I like him, but he just didn't fit into the movie.

Let me know what you think.

Here I am!

I'm now in the blogosphere! One of millions, perhaps billions, but hey better late than never. I work in Hollywood, but won't give out what I do. I've been L.A. for nearly two years, and except for the traffic, I like it. My dream is to be a working screenwriter, so until then, I'll take their money doing what I'm doing and going to all the cool screenings and premieres (was that a big enough hint?). For the most part, that's what I'll be talking about, so if movies, TV and Hollywood dirt aren't your thing, you'll be bored here.

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